Hand Blocked

Florai Dress


Colour: Multi Colour Fabric: Chanderi Print: Block print

1621 -75 Florai-shirt Dress


1621 -75 Florai-shirt Dress
Colour: Multi Colour
Fabric: Modal
Print: Block print
Florai Shirt Dress:
“Step into a garden of elegance with our Florai Shirt Dress, where delicate floral brushstrokes meet the timeless grace of a classic silhouette, ideal for a serene daytime look.”

1621 -54 Florai-Three Piece Cullotte set


Colour: Multi Colour
Fabric: Chanderi
Print: Block print
Florai Culotte Set: “Unveil a blend of comfort and chic with the Florai Culotte Set, where blossoming floral patterns grace effortlessly stylish culottes paired with a complementary top for an enchantingly fresh ensemble.”

1621 -2 Florai-Top


1621 -2 Florai-Top Colour: Multi Colour

Fabric: Chanderi
Print: Block print
Florai Lace-Insert Top: “Discover the enchanting fusion of floral elegance and delicate charm in our Florai Top, featuring intricate lace inserts that weave a tale of sophistication amidst blooming motifs.”

1570 -61 Pajarito-3 Pc Garara Set


Pajarito Garara Set:
Embrace the whimsy of the Pajarito Garara Set, where playful bird motifs dance among yellow florals on silk Chanderi, offering an ethereal silhouette that’s perfect for festive occasions.

1570 -57 Pajarito-Mini Dress


Colour: Yellow
Fabric: Chanderi
Block Print: Block print
Pajarito Mini Dress: Flirty and fun, the Pajarito Mini Dress showcases a vibrant tapestry of bird and floral prints on silk Chanderi, making it the perfect ensemble for sunny days and garden parties.

1570 -54 Pajarito-3 Piece Cullotte set


Pajarito Culotte Set: Step into comfort and style with the Pajarito Culotte Set, where airy silk Chanderi adorned with bird and bloom motifs combines with wide-leg culottes for a look that’s both relaxed and refined.